In Progress...

Sorry I have been pretty absent this week! I am in the process of making the Dream Cake that I will be doing a tutorial with. You definitely don't want to miss it :)

Also next week for Tutorial Tuesday I have a fantastic tutorial that is from a new book coming out called Cake Balls by Dede Wilson who is a fantastic baker. I am going to be featuring a recipe on her blog tour... and here's just a hint about the deliciousness that you will be seeing... Toffee-Brown Butter-Pecan cake balls. Oh goodness it is to die for! #thisbookisgoingtobeabestseller

Happy Wednesday!

Little Delights Project

1. I went to Panera Bread this week and it has been months! I didn't forget how great the broccoli soup was but OH MY that stuff is fantastic :)

2. This unusual cooler weather in August is making me so excited for fall! I love the food, holidays, and family time.

3. I made Oreo truffles and I decided they need to be a staple in the house. Have you ever made them? They only require 3 ingredients and an hour total to make!

4. Having my grandparents fly in last weekend was so fun! We had a great time :)

5. Relearning Spanish has been going great! I am remembering what I learned in high school and it's building a great foundation.

What are you little delights this week? Link up here:

Little Delights Project and the Dream Cake Winner!

Thank you so much for everyone that has participated in the "Learn How To Make Your Dream Cake" contest! We have a winner!!!

I can't wait to make a tutorial for you all to watch! Hopefully I'll have the tutorial ready by the last week in August :) 

I hope you have all had a great week! Here are my 5 Little Delights from this week:

1. Spending time in St. George with my family! We went shopping, went to the lake, and watched the Olympics all day. It was the perfect ending to our 3 week vacation :)

2. So many kind comments/emails from my readers! Thanks!

3. Last night I fell asleep to the wonderful Texas thunderstorms. So awesome!

4. Shopping with my sister... we always have a great time :)

5. I'm going to start to relearn Spanish. I'm a little bit rusty from high school but I'm excited to get back into it!

Top Three Dream Cake Entries

I'm finally back from vacation! Everyone's cake entries are so awesome it was so hard to choose my top three. I wish I could just do all of them! Now I need your help in voting for the one that you would like the most to learn. I will be making a video tutorial on the step-by-step process of decorating that cake. I decided that I would go with wedding cakes this time, but don't worry there will definitely be another chance to submit your dream cake again!

Here are the top three:

#1: Yellow and grey
These colors are very popular right now for weddings and so is the chevron pattern on the bottom layer. I also love the frilly middle layer.

#2: Pink rose ombre
These large roses are a big trend right now and the pink shades are perfect.

#3 Elegant and classic wedding cake
This is definitely one of the harder ones but I can make it into easy step that you can follow. I love the frilly edges and the accent of flowers. This cake is very unique!
The pinstriping and ribbon detail on each layer of the cake exuded vintage romance. Jennifer had the baker design flowers that looked exactly like the ones on her gown.

Please comment below and tell me which one you would like to see a tutorial on! I will count up the votes on August 15th.

p.s. this takes place of the weekly Little Delights Project post so please vote for your favorite!