5 Little Delights This Week

1. In one week we had TWO thunderstorms... in Idaho! That should probably be a record. These storms weren't drizzling all day with a few wimpy thunderings they were literally 30 minutes of straight downpour including lightening and loud booming thunder!

2. Eating dinner at the park while soaking in some sun (yes there were sunny days this week ;) )

3. Making my very first spaghetti squash!

4. A cute sticky note left on my pillow from my roommate. Notes always make a day better!

5. Seeing Elder Oaks and Elder Nelson walk into the office for a meeting. I love my job!

Don't mind me!

I'll just run around all day accomplishing my to do list! Welcome to a new semester :) I don't know about you but I love being busy! I thrive when I have things to do and places to be. What does a typical day look like for you?

Tutorial Tuesday: Festive Birthday Cupcakes

Believe it or not but in my family we have 4 out of 6 birthdays in April! Its a month full of presents, parties, and... CAKE! If you need to put together some quick birthday cupcakes then these are the perfect solution! I used the fondant streamers that I made from last week's tutorial. I cut some cute scrapbook paper in strips about 1 1/4 inches. You can customize these cupcakes for any party with any kind of paper and any color of streamers.

Products Used:
Wilton #2D tip
Wilton Turntable
Wilton Disposable Decorating Bags

Other Helpful Tutorials:
Buttercream Recipe
Baking Tips and Tricks
Marshmallow Fondant

5 Little Delights This Week

1. I started a new semester this week at BYU-Idaho!

2. My cousins wedding was last Thursday and it was a blast! They used Giant Brothers for their videography and it is so cute! Check out their video here.

3. Seeing so many friends up here in Rexburg is always fun :)

4. I am always so amazed at the support my family and friends are to me. They are the best!

5. Waking up just a little bit earlier than usual and working on my to-do list.

Tutorial Tuesday: How To Make Fondant Streamers

I learned how to make these festive streamers while working at a bakery and I thought I would share it with you! These go great with cakes and cupcakes and they are very unique!

Next Tuesday I will be showing you a very cute birthday cupcake idea! It uses these streamers and you can see how I decorate with them.

Products used:

Wilton Fondant Ribbon Cutter
Wooden Dowel Rods

5 Little Delights this week

1. Easter weekend was so great! I definitely ate a whole bag of Cadbury eggs ;)

2. We played Clue as a family! It was a newer version that didn't have violence and had 50 different scenarios that you could choose from. We had a blast!

3. I was able to go out to breakfast with a great friend and her fiance! (They were visiting Texas)

4. Shopping for some birthday presents with my mom. She always finds great clothes that I overlook!

5. Leaving little notes to my little brother and sister before I leave for college. I always enjoy it and they have something fun to find!

How To Frost a Cake (using a paper towel)

This video is really helpful and shows you step by step what your cake should look like, the way to put a crumb coat on, the final layer of frosting, and then how to smooth it out with a Viva paper towel. This can get your cake so smooth that it looks like fondant!

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions or if you have any problems!

Remember that the frosting needs to be thin!! Here is a great recipe that will work great with this technique!

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Tutorial Tuesday: My Delicious Buttercream Recipe

There are so many buttercream recipes out there and I have finally found the one that tastes great, is easy to frost/decorate with, and only uses 4 ingredients!

1 cup of salted butter
4 cups of powdered sugar
1-2 tbs. of heavy whipping cream (or milk)
1 tsp. vanilla (preferably clear)

Start with 1 cup of butter. It needs to be room temperature so that there aren't any butter clumps and it turns out to be really creamy. Add 2 cups of powdered sugar mixing in between each cup. Mix in the vanilla and heavy whipping cream. Then you're ready to add the last 2 cups of powdered sugar (mixing in between each cup again).

If you have questions about what consistency it should be and if you need to add more heavy whipping cream, watch my tutorial (start at 3:14). I show the exact consistency it should be to frost a cake.

Remember to slowly add more heavy whipping cream or milk if you are going for a thinner consistency. If you do find that it is too thin, add a little bit more powdered sugar and you should be fine!

Contact me if you have any questions! Add this to you Pinterest board to save this recipe!

**This does not work well with the Viva paper towel technique!! Here is a recipe that will: Classic White Frosting

Easter is a very fun holiday filled with many traditions for my family! We color eggs on Friday night, then we look for them Saturday morning (we do this so that we can keep Sunday focused on celebrating the resurrection of our Savior). We have a delicious breakfast on Sunday morning and then go to church! We use this weekend to spend a lot of time together as a family and these are the times that I enjoy the most. We play games, eat candy, and have a huge Easter dinner!

What are your traditions for Easter? What does Easter mean to you?

For me, Easter is a time to rejoice in our Saviors resurrection and that He lives! Here is an amazing video that brings tears to my eyes of gratitude and happiness. I encourage you to watch it!

Favorite Findings on Pinterest

I thought I would share some of my favorite ideas I have found while spending time on Pinterest. 

Martha Stewart
I absolutely love these glittered eggs for Easter! They are stunning and you don't have to use dye!

Bake It in a Cake
Cadbury eggs are my all time favorite Easter treat and brownies are my favorite dessert! How perfect could this be?!

"God is eagerly waiting for the chance to answer your prayers and fulfill your dreams, just as he always has. But he can't if you don't pray, and he can't if you don't dream. In short, he can't if you don't believe."
- Jeffrey R. Holland
So inspirational! 

Very true :)


I love the color combination!

5 Little Delights

1. Being spiritually fed during General Conference on Saturday and Sunday.

2. Eating breakfast outside. Seriously amazing weather! (thanks mom for the delicious cinnamon roll pancakes!)

3. Laying out in the sun for the first time this year!

4. Home, family, and friends are safe after the tornadoes in Dallas.

5. Playing tennis with a great friend and getting frozen yogurt after :)

Tutorial Tuesday: Easter Cake/Cupcakes

For this Tutorial Tuesday I thought it would be a great idea to make an Easter cake and cupcakes since Easter is this Sunday!

Products used in this tutorial:

Wilton Pure White Rolled Fondant
Wilton Fondant Ribbon Cutter
Wilton #233 Tip
Wilton #22 Tip
French Wood Rolling Pin
Wilton Trim-N-Turn Ultra Rotating Turntable
Sanding Sugars
Wilton No-Color Almond Extract
Wilton Oval Pan

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