Cake Spotlight: Clara from Happy in Life, Young in Love

Hey Ladies! I am Clara from Happy in Life, Young in Love and I am so excited to be sharing with you about my Wedding and Wedding cake to day! Weddings are my favorite! 
We celebrate our 2 Year Anniversary on July 17th!! 
I hope you enjoy!!

Proposal Story:
The story of our proposal is not elaborate but simple and dear to me. Ryan and I had just started back our 2nd semester of Sophomore year in College. {We were engaged and married young! It isn't right or possible for most, but I wouldn't do it any other way!} We had been talking about getting engaged, we had been dating for four years {since our sophomore year in high school}. He had just gotten the ring and had attempted a few planned engagement plans like going to the Raleigh arboretum, but he called an they said there were no roses in January. He tried to do something special outside in the courtyard of my dorm, but the day prior I complained about how much I hated my dorm... so with that said he decided to go simple. 

He came over to my parents house early before our dinner on Saturday and lured me out to the driveway to give me a large bouquet of flowers. He got down on one knee and told me many sweet things and asked me to marry him. I was ecstatic and did a fist pump {yes, you read that right} and said YES!!

What were your wedding colors?
I chose a teal blue and canary yellow as our wedding colors. We had 600 lemons in the centerpieces at the reception! It turned out beautiful!

What cake flavor did you chose?
The cake was simple, just like us! We had vanilla pound cake with vanilla butter cream! 
I actually made the cake and decorated it! That is what I was doing after our rehearsal dinner... :D

Did you save the top layer and freeze it for your 1st anniversary? 
We did save the first tier of the cake for our 1st anniversary. We ate a little for tradition but then we also got a small fresh cake from a local bakery as well {gotta be honest, and I probably did not defrost it right, but oh well} 

First bite of cake: smeared or proper?
We did not smear. We were very clean about it haha! I did not want my makeup smeared ;)

Any funny or embarrassing stories of on the wedding day?
Something Funny: After we left the reception, we were so hungry and we had a 3 hour drive to our destination that night that we stopped at McDonalds and got something to eat and we ate it in a drive in car wash so all the stuff on our car wouldn't bake in the sun at the airport for the next week. Oh Weddings!!

{Thanks Clara! I absolutely loved your proposal story :) Your cake is beautiful!!
Don't forget to check out her cute blog! She shares the love of cake decorating :) }

Tomorrow- Tutorial Tuesday: Engagement Ring Cupcakes!


  1. She did a beautiful job on her wedding cake! I admire her for doing that, especially on her wedding day!

  2. Wow, Clara--you did an AMAZING job on your cake! It's totally elegant and so pretty. Love it!

    P.S. Way to do such a big thing yourself right before your wedding! Everyone thought I was nuts to do makeup for all of my bridesmaids for my wedding, but it was so relaxing because I love it!