A Party To Remember

What's better than having a birthday party where your friends make your dream cake?! I had such a fun time helping with my little sisters birthday party for her 12th birthday. Her theme was pink and zebra which was so much fun to decorate with!

I started out showing the girls the basics of cake decorating. They had a lot of fun experimenting and figuring out how to work a piping bag.

My sister had me draw out what her dream cake would look like and this is what she decided on!

Then her friends had to answer questions about my sister and if they got the question right they got a detailed clue about her dream cake. If they got the question wrong they got a very vague hint about her cake. Once they gathered their clues from the game, they went to their work stations and started making what they thought the dream cake was supposed to look like! 

Here is their great team work! 

They did such a great job for being first time cake decorators!! Here is the finished product: 

They both were very close to the picture! They all had a great time and I was exhausted by the end :)

Happy Birthday Cami!! I love you!