Farewell... for now

I am excited to announce that I am going to be serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ for Latter-Day Saints! I have been assigned to serve in Guatemala for 18 months and will be teaching in the Spanish language!! You can learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints here. I am sad to say that I won't be posting any tutorials for the next 18 months, but I will leave this blog up and running so you can look back at any tutorial you need! I can only email my family once a week and that is the only contact that I have with them.  My mom (her blog) will be updating my missionary blog with my emails home.  If you would like to read my letters and see what being a missionary is all about, then please leave your email address in the comments below and she will add you as a reader to that blog. Thank you all SO much for the support and love you have shown to me on this blog! Y'all are the best!! See you in 18 months!!!

Tutorial Tuesday: Reindeer Rice Krispies

I know I have promised a lot of tutorials for December, but as you all know it is the busiest time of year! I made these reindeer rice krispy treats. The great thing about rice krispies is that you can mold them to be anything you want! I wasn't able to do a video tutorial so I hope these pictures will take you step-by-step easily:

I made cocoa krispies the night before so that they were able to harden before I could start working with it.

First form the base of the head

 To make the antlers break a pretzel in half... it takes a lot of practice!!

Stick them in the top of the head carefully they break really easily!

Make a smaller ball for the nose

I melted a marshmallow with a little bit of water so that I could use it as paste. Frosting does not stick to these rice krispies very well!

Add some marshmallow to a red M&M and stick on the nose and the eyes

I let them sit out on tin foil because I found they stick on the plastic wrap. I found these already made eye balls at Target in the baking isle.

And here is your final product! I think they are so cute and great for a fun Christmas celebration!