Cake Spotlight: Andrea from left brain, right brain, pug brain

{This cake spotlight is Andrea's wedding cupcakes! Visit her cute blog here!}

Give a brief summary of how your husband proposed.
There are three things in life I really, really love: going for walks, photography and ice cream. One summer night I was hanging out with Ryan when he suggested taking a walk. We went to a pretty park trail, and he suggested bringing my camera along. A bit odd, but whatever. Halfway through our walk, in a secluded little spot next to a lake, he asked me to take a picture with him. Unbeknownst to me, he was holding the ring above my shoulder in the picture. He asked if it was an okay picture, and when I looked at the screen and saw the ring box, he got down on one knee and proposed. And to celebrate, we went out for ice cream. 

What were your wedding colors?
Hot pink, orange and brown. It sounds like a bad 1970s outfit, but I promise it looked great!

What cake flavors did you choose?
Our cake was an adventure from the beginning. Our wedding theme was a little bit rustic and it was in August, so I really, really wanted to incorporate S'mores, but none of the bakeries around us offered that flavor. So we decided to bake our own. My roommates and I spent months researching and we finally came up with the perfect S'mores cupcake recipe. Our families helped us bake them a few days before the wedding and the night before our big day we iced them with a marshmallow meriginue frosting and toasted the tops with a blow torch (yes, a wee bit redneck, but no one owned a legitimate cooking torch). It was a lot of work, but I'd definitely say they were worth it!

Did you save the top layer and freeze it for your 1st anniversary?
We didn't save any, but we have the recipe to bake for every anniversary now! 

First bite of cake tradition: smeared or proper?
No cake smash for us.

{Props to Andrea for making exactly what she wanted for her wedding! Those cupcakes look to die for! I just might have to try them myself :) Don't forget to visit her blog... her wedding pictures are amazing!}


  1. Thanks so much for inviting me to guest post! I don't know if my cupcakes are as tasty (or as pretty) as your tutorials, but maybe sometime I'll have to find the recipe and get it posted, too!

  2. Yes, we need to recipe!!! Super cute!

  3. What a cute idea! I love this - so helpful :)
    Just stumbled upon your blog! Going to stay awhile, I just love your style.


  4. that is the sweetest story yet!! love how he put the ring box above your shoulder and had you review the picture :) these men can be so creative i tell ya!!