Pinterest Can Plan My Wedding!

When I saw this ecard I just had to laugh! I love pinning great ideas that I could use for my wedding one day! And since it is Wedding Month I decided to show you some great ideas that I have found... starting with cakes! (of course) :)

I love looking at the amazing wedding cakes that are out there! I am kind of picky about what I would want my wedding cake to look like. I really love the look of square cakes and think they are perfect for weddings. There are different elements of these cakes that I like:
#1 I absolutely love the huge cascading flower. It is SO unique!
#2 The piping is Time consuming? Definitely. Worth it? Definitely :)
#3 I love the flowers and the flower "print". I also love that it's square!
#4 I really love the flowers. They might be some form of stephanotis or hydrangea flower which are so simple and so elegant.
#5 There is such a unique look that I've never found before! It looks like embossed leaves and stems and then they have the flowers popping out. It is beautiful!

I could really go on and on with different cake designs (but I'll stop here before I get carried away!). Here are some other great pictures I have found on Pinterest:

#1 These colors are SO cute! Teal and salmon/pink is really popular right now and such a great color combination for spring!
#2 I love the wedding band on this ring! If the main diamond was square it would be so much better :)
#3 The ruffles on these shoes are so cute!
#4 I have never seen a bouquet like this! I fell in love with it! It is a white rosette made of vendela roses and they extended it with more petals to look bigger. It's simple and unique.
#5 I love this hair style for a wedding!

Here are some ideas for a future dress:

#1 I really love the mermaid look to a dress and this one is so elegant!
#2 The layers that flow down throughout the dress looks so flattering. The back of this dress is amazing!
#3 This is an example of the mermaid and ruffles that I LOVE!
#4 I love the sleeves on this dress. My future dress is going to be modest!
#5 I really like the embellishment and "bling" this dress has around the waist.

What are your favorite things to pin? Pinterest is the greatest!


  1. Good luck planning your wedding! I've been married 27 years, have 4 kids, but only 1 daughter :-) She is 15 so I have awhile before weddings! My favorite thing to pin is recipes!

    come by and visit my blog sometime


  2. I saw this ecard on Pinterest, clicked on it, and it brought me here! Love this post and I'm also loving the salmon/teal together!

    But, I'm definitely guilty of pinning wedding ideas as well (not engaged yet, either!), but what girl isn't?! I like to call it being prepared : )