Cake Spotlight: Elease from The Little Lovebirds

the proposal: i hate to say it, but i just may have the most romantic proposal story ever! it's so hard to give a condense version, but here you go... lovebird pulled off the complete surprise proposal {which has always been my little girl dream}. after lying to me for months about not being able to fly out and see my big ballet performance, he surprised me by coming onto stage the minute the curtain fell to ask the golden question. Him in his suit and me in my white tutu... it was the perfect ballerina, romantic and surprise proposal. {read the full story here}

wedding colors: coral, salmon, peach... and a touch of orange.

cake flavors:after many taste samples, we went with coconut and lemon. {chocolate sheet cake was served on the side with gelato- for those who weren't there for the cake cutting}

save the cake?:of course! i'm all about tradition. however, i do have a funny story about this. we did save our cake to eat on our one year mark. right after the wedding, my parents stored it in our freezer while we went on our honeymoon and than later moved down to california. obviously, we couldn't take it in the hot car on our move down- so, we figured we'd eat it when we took a trip back home a year or so later. come to find out, my parents decided to indulge in eating our top layer on our wedding anniversary since we weren't home. i was initially very sad, but now i just laugh about it.

proper or smeared?: we went for class and cut the cake prim and proper. we fed the first bite to one another very nicely until the very last second... where we both tried to pull a sneaky maneuver. i say, we got the best of both worlds: a little proper and a little smeared. 

funny stories of the wedding day: we actually have plenty. however, the most laughed about {now, but not then} story is the fact that lovebird {my hubby} got in a car accident on the way to the chapel. Dressed in his finest, bow tie and all, he had to get out in the pouring rain and deal with this car accident minutes before the ceremony. unfortunately, the cop wasn't very understanding of the fact he was the groom in a wedding just moments from then. we laugh about it now, and will forever. one last short story.... above i mentioned it was pouring rain on our wedding day. believe it or not, rain on my wedding day was another dream of mine, because it means good luck. {"tying the knot"- it's harder to undo a wet knot}. But the funny or rather awesome thing about the rain that day, was that it only rained when we were inside. literally, the minute we stepped outside it stopped raining {pictures were gorgeous and the coolness on a hot summer day was ideal} and every time we were inside it would start dumping rain. pure luck and beauty if you ask me! 

i hope you enjoyed reading the little tidbits from our wedding day. 
we are coming up on our two year anniversary this summer-
and i can't believe it was two years ago already.
this was a fun post to do, because now all the fun memories are rushing back... 
 helping me feel like my wedding day was just yesterday. 

p.s. i'd love you to stop by my blog so i can discover your cute blog in return!

{Thanks Elease! I never knew the reason behind the saying "tying the knot"! I really loved the layer with a variety of flowers on your cake :) Go check out her adorable blog! }


  1. Love the cake, those flowers are stunning!


  2. I love the cake too! I always wondered why people said it was a good thing to get married on a rainy day!