Cake Spotlight: TJ from His Little Lady

Proposal Story:
The mister proposed to me a week before Christmas 2010, my favorite holiday! As my present, he flew us down from Seattle to California to spend a beautiful day at Disneyland. Well, we must have brought the rain, because the entire weekend it flooded. We didn't let it stop us, however, and in the end it made the day that much better. No lines at Disneyland! None. We went on all the rides we wanted as many times as we wanted. Later that night, my man led me to the car, blindfolded me and drove to a secret location. When I opened my eyes after a full half hour, I saw the ocean. We were at Newport Beach, completely alone, in the rain. As we walked along the beach he professed all the cheesy and romantic lines you could think of and then stopped me, got down on one knee and proposed as the waves crashed along the shore. Yep, I got a keeper, that one.

What were your wedding colors?
My wedding colors were navy, light pink, and cream. 

What cake flavors did you choose?
This sounds terrible, but I can't quite remember the flavors we chose. I know that there was cheesecake somewhere in there. I'll let you know in just a few short weeks when we eat it again for our anniversary ;)

Did you save the top layer and freeze it for your 1st anniversary? 
Of course! I'm all for traditions!

First bite of cake tradition: smeared or proper?
He was proper. I smeared!

Any funny or embarrassing stories of the wedding day?
Something fun and different we did for our wedding favors was that we had a caricature artist do drawing for everyone to keep. To say it was the highlight and funniest part of the day is an understatement.

{This cake is beautiful! I absolutely love the large flowers and the frosting texture! Go visit TJ and her adorable blog! Thank you so much for guest posting!} 

Tomorrow- Tutorial Tuesday: How to make your own fondant pearls!


  1. Okay. I love this. TJ is the absolute cutest! I adore her blog so I was pleased to see a guest post from her here :)

  2. So cute! Love the cake! and normally I am not a huge buttercream fan but that is so cute!