Cake Spotlight: Kirstie from You+Me=We

Proposal Story:
My husband the week prior had told me he wanted to get out and try new things, and being an outgoing person I said sure why not! At this time in my life I was working graveyards, so for me 3 pm was my morning. My twin sister (who had slept over) Told me that Michael was going to meet us at the Mall. Now once we got to the University Mall, she was being OVERLY nice, letting me pick the stores and buying me ice cream. Love my sister but she NEVER offers to pay for anything. So Michael had texted and said lets meet at the Build-A-Bear. (Background, I have collected bears since i was 9 years old) So I was excited to go. We had run into my cousins at the mall and they headed with us. Michael let me pick out any bear in the store. Once they stuffed it the Bear consultant told me to give a squeeze (which if you haven't been there before that's what they normally do) I squeezed it and a voice came on saying, "Kirstie I have question for you, Will you marry me?" I turned around and Michael was down on one knee holding the ring he had dropped a second a before. I couldn't say yes out loud I just squeezed the bear and shook my head yes.

What were your wedding colors?
They where black, white and a dark purple

What cake flavors did you choose?
Vanilla with a chocolate center

Did you save the top layer and freeze it for your 1st anniversary? 
We attempted to save the cake, but we got a head of ourselves and ate most of it by the three month mark.

First bite of cake tradition: smeared or proper?
Proper :)

Any funny or embarrassing stories of the wedding day?
At the reception my grandma who is 74 years old, had all the boys on each arm and took charge of the dance floor. Man my granny can dance.

After we had gotten married and I was putting my dress on, my mom hooked my train before putting my shoes on (converse sneakers) and when I sat down I ripped the hook off my dress. Luckily a lady there who was helping was a seamstress but it took an additional 45 minutes for me to come out and after everyone screamed for us, they told me to hurry it up next time and for them standing there for so long proved how much they loved me.

{I love the dark purple and black ribbons! Ribbons are always a great touch to a cake! Go check out Kirstie's cute blog!

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