Cake Spotlight: Leigh Anne from Hart to Heart

Give a brief summary of how your husband proposed.
 The proposal was PERFECT. It was our first ever 'fancy' date that we had been on. It was November 20th, 2010 and M. took me to the Melting Pot, in Ohio's capital. After our night of eating way too much, he walked me to the most gorgeous, larger than life lit up Christmas tree, and got down on one knee and popped the question! An added surprise was that his sister and her friend took the drive to Columbus just to be there to photograph the proposal! I didn't even know they were there until a solid 5 minutes after the fact! 

What were your wedding colors?
Our wedding colors were Navy blue, and Sunbeam Yellow!  

What cake flavors did you choose?
Red Velvet! Red Velvet is my all time favorite cake ever!  

Did you save the top layer and freeze it for your 1st anniversary?
We did save it, however my husband is in Afghanistan and will be for our 1st anniversary. Hopefully the next time we are both in Ohio we will be able to enjoy it!  
First bite of cake tradition: smeared or proper?
I *promised* not to smash it in his face. However, I made the split second decision to revoke my promise (: No worries, M. got payback too!  

Any funny or embarrassing stories of the wedding day? 
Oh my... well, on our beautiful July wedding day it was a scorching 91 degrees outside, and our chapel where we had the ceremony was NOT air conditioned. Aside from the fact we were dripping in sweat, right as we said "I do", the heavens opened, the thunder started and there was a huge crash of lightning. It was an interesting twist! 

{Thanks Leigh Anne! The tier with the yellow daisy's was a perfect touch to your wedding colors! I love the cake smearing pictures :) Go check out Leigh Anne's awesome blog Hart to Heart!}

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