Tutorial Tuesday: Candy Corn Cake!

One of my favorite parts of Halloween is getting to eat delicious candy corn so I decided that was my inspiration for this cake! I added some scroll work to each layer to dress it up a little :)

I used my paper towel technic to smooth the layer of frosting. I used a #7 Wilton piping tip, and the frosting was very thin!!!

I didn't record a video for this one because I was doing the same scroll work that I did in this video:

I like candy corn... if you couldn't tell already :) 


  1. I love that cake!!!! I wish I had the skills to actually do it! But I love this!

  2. adorrrrrbs!!! I loveeee me some candy corn too!!! You make swirl creating look easy peasy in your video! I just don't see my swirls coming out that fancy out of my ziploc baggie.. never works for me :(

  3. Awesome blog! You have inspired me!

    I have recently been baking and decorating cakes for holidays and birthdays. (With no fondant, I don't think I've graduated to that level yet)
    I think its so fun! I think I'll make one for our family halloween party tonight
    I like to use HERSHEY'S "PERFECTLY CHOCOLATE" Chocolate Cake recipe that I found on Pinterest and it works great!
    (But you have to beat it for a long time)

    Here's a link to my blog