Guess What... I'm Home!

Well I'm back. My hair is longer, I'm 2 years older, I'm fluent in spanish, and my heart is bigger.

I've been serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for these last 18 months and now I'm home!! I enjoyed serving the Lord and my brothers and sisters in Guatemala. You can read about my experiences on a separate blog HERE.

I'm excited to get back into cake decorating and I've definitely missed it. Thank you all for supporting me and this blog even though I was gone. You all are the BEST!


  1. Wow! Brooke! You are the best! What a great person you are! I had no idea you decorated cakes. They're beautiful and amazing. I wish I lived close still to learn first-hand. I bet you were a fantastic missionary! I miss you!

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