Little Delights Project

Here are my Little Delights this week:

1. The 'So You Think You Can Dance' finale was on Tuesday and I was loving every second of it. Those dancers are

2. My sister (11 years old by the way) did some pretty amazing nail work! It's like having my own personal nail stylist :) Plus it's great sister quality time!

3. I have decided that I want to join Teach For America one day! It is such an amazing program. They choose 2,000 teachers that get to go to underprivileged schools to teach and inspire the students to do their best. I want to change students lives!

4. The smell of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies baking when you walk in the house is THE best smell to bring in fall :) I can't wait for the pumpkins, leaves changing color, and the delicious food!

What are your Little Delights this week?