Gelcolor Nails

Have you heard about Gelcolor?! I have had acrylic nails many times and they always end up ruining my nails, so I was a little skeptical about using Gelcolor because I thought it would have the same results. But to my surprise... they are AWESOME! I just got them done yesterday and I'm so excited to see how long they will last. It's basically just a long lasting manicure. They are really thin (unlike acrylic) and they are supposed to last 2 weeks! I took these pictures while I was working this morning using some office supplies as props. Cheesy? Yes. Better than holding my hand out awkwardly? Yes. Haha I love this coral color which is really popular this spring!

Have any of you had Gelcolor done on your nails?! How did you like them? This could be really great when I am decorating cakes and don't have to worry about getting my nails dirty or chipped!


  1. I've had gelcolor manicures for about a year and I LOVE it. I can go up to three weeks without a chip or needing to get them done, and the gel helps keep my nails strong. There are great colors and they don't damage your nails like acrylics. Hope you love them too!

    1. I'm so excited!! They have been working great so far! That is great to know they keep your nails strong! I think I have found a new favorite :)